Where courage is found.

TRY is the improbable, yet true story about a group of inner city kids from Roosevelt High School and their spirited Irish American rugby coach. For these kids, the current outlook is grim; they are growing up in an environment filled with drugs, gangs, violence, and poverty. Roosevelt High School is an oasis in the middle of hell, surrounded by gangs to the north, south, east and west. These kids are able to overcome their unfortunate circumstances with one incredible coach, who changes their lives. He builds a club rugby team against immeasurable odds and has no support from the school. This volunteer coach pays for uniforms, shoes, transportation, food and more from his own pocket. He represents all of the qualities that these kids will come to learn and practice. He teaches them responsibility, camaraderie and self-motivation. Not only do they learn the lessons from a team sport, but most importantly, the Fresno Roosevelt rugby team learns that while life never guarantees you a win, you can’t beat the odds unless you TRY!

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